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My Journey from Management Consulting to Empowering Effective Communication

In the ever-evolving world of professional development, the ability to communicate effectively remains a crucial skill. As a seasoned management consultant, I have come to realize the importance of effective communication and have embarked on a new mission to empower individuals to become unstoppable communicators. With over two decades of experience, I have decided to share my expertise beyond large-scale clients and make a difference on a more personal level. In this blog post, I will take you through my inspiring journey and the transformative course I have developed.

A Journey of Pivots:

My journey began in September 1999 when I entered the realm of management consulting as a senior consultant at Oracle Corporation. After gaining invaluable experience and honing my skills, I took a bold step in 2006 and founded my own solopreneur enterprise, NexLevel Consulting Services. This marked the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur, serving diverse clients ranging from municipalities and federal government agencies to large-scale private sector organizations.

During this time, I recognized the significance of organizational change management (OCM) and became certified by APMG International in 2014. This deepened my commitment to consulting and enabled me to further enhance my skills in facilitating effective change within organizations. However, it was in 2022 that I felt a strong desire to expand my reach and impact more individuals with my knowledge and insights.

Pivoting to Empowerment:

Reflecting on my extensive consulting experience, I began to question if after a client engagement whether my clients truly understood how to craft compelling communications. I wondered if they required additional support in addressing key questions during the drafting process or struggled to effectively convey their ideas to their teams. These musings ignited a desire within me to share my expertise with a broader audience, extending beyond my traditional one-on-one clients.

Motivated by my own struggles with communication during my early consulting days, I yearned to support others who might benefit from my insights. Recognizing that effective communication is a continuous journey, I aim to equip professionals with the skills to avoid common mistakes and guide them toward future success. This passion to empower others and create a positive impact led me to formulate a two-pronged approach: the creation of a transformative course and the development of a membership site.

Uncomfortable to Unstoppable

I developed the course, "Uncomfortable to Unstoppable: Master the Secret Methods to Get Unstuck When Communicating," with the intention of revolutionizing communication skills. This comprehensive program provides step-by-step guidance in navigating various communication challenges, from presentations to everyday conversations. Participants will discover how to capture their audience's attention and deliver impactful messages with confidence and persuasion.

The course is divided into three modules: Prepare and Analyze, Discover and Expand, and Design and Plan. Each module equips learners with valuable tools, including checklists, cheat sheets, workbooks, and templates. Additionally, a dedicated community platform fosters engagement and interaction among participants, creating a supportive learning environment.


To complement the course and ensure continuous support, I established the RELATE Lab membership site. Aspiring communicators can join this community to access additional resources and sustain their growth beyond the course. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, such as monthly group coaching sessions, further insights from me, real-world communication examples, and recommended communication tools at discounted prices.

The RELATE Lab membership site also provides a platform for members to connect and learn from one another. Peer-to-peer interaction facilitates the exchange of ideas, feedback, and experiences, creating a collaborative environment where everyone can flourish. This sense of community empowers individuals to explore their communication skills and build lasting connections with like-minded professionals.

Through the course "Uncomfortable to Unstoppable" and the RELATE Lab membership site, my mission is to empower individuals to overcome communication challenges and unleash their full potential. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, where together, we can revolutionize our communication skills, build meaningful relationships, and leave a lasting impression.

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