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Uncomfortable to Unstoppable: The Secret Methods to Getting Unstuck When Communicating!

Learn the secret methods and approaches to better create communications in a manner that non-technical professionals can understand, relate to and act on.

Enrollment will reopen in 2024!

Is this course for you?

Let's check! If you...

  • Deal with people who don’t “speak your industry language”​.

  • Are responsible for creating change and handling the roll-out of something new.​

  • Are a professional or employee who needs to explain processes in clear, easy-to-understand terms for customers and employers.​

  • Need to explain your ideas in such a way as to make others want to support, engage and of course, finance your projects.​

  • Want to have the ability to adjust your tone and understanding based on who you are talking to and this ability is an excellent soft skill, especially when explaining something to people unfamiliar with your industry.

If you checked any of the boxes, this course is FOR YOU!


1. Prepare and Analyze

This module is focused on laying the foundation and structure for building the communications framework. In this module, you will learn about the importance of effective communication.

2. Discover and Expand

This is the most intensive aspect of the communications framework is YOU. This module is centered on learning the techniques, and strategies to align with those who are impacted:


3. Design and Plan

Now you are ready to learn the techniques to effectively draft your communications, along with ensuring adoption and engagement "stick" in how you verbalize and write your communications!
In this module, you will design and plan your communications in a manner to ensure you are achieving your desired results.

A few community perks!

Just a couple of hidden gems to support you on your journey to becoming a POWER COMMUNICATOR!

  • Mini Course: How to Craft a Call-to-Action Communications

  • Monthly Q&A Sessions with Tammy 

  • Checklists and Workbooks

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By the end of this course you will OWN the skills to build:


Based on what you what you discover in your communications landscape, you will know what will work and stick with your audience.


Before you create your plan, you will have formed your tribe and aligned with key decision-makers who will serve as your support system once communications are circulating.


The ability to create key messages based on each stakeholder segment identified and know how to craft messages and utilize the appropriate communication platforms for each group.


Know how to monitor engagement, along with identifying what worked and what didn't work from an engagement and adoption standpoint. 


86% of Corporate Executives and Educators believe ineffective communication is the underlying reason for workplace failures.

Source: LinkedIn's 2019 Global Talent Trends Report

Enroll Today!

It's time to invest in YOU and join a community that will help you cultivate your power to become an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR!

Enrollment will reopen in 2024!

Get instant access to your FREE e-book: "Break Bad Habits: How To Overcome the Top 5 Communication Mistakes"

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