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To Whom It May Concern,


If you’re building an online course  and the technology requirements are holding you back from completing your course, Tammy Davis at "Tech with Tammy” is a great resource!    This lady is phenomenal!!  Tammy is—tech savvy, very easy to understand, and a joy to work with!!


If you’re like me—seriously tech challenged—or if you just don’t want to spend hours/days trying to figure out your tech set up-- I strongly suggest getting in touch with Tammy for a "no pressure/no obligation"  consult to see how she can help.  


 "Ms. Tammy”  can explain the most complicated tech set up in simple language, so even the most tech challenged person can understand how to get your tech working quickly.  Moreover, if you’re having trouble understanding her explanation—she’ll actually walk you through what you need to do.   This is a great cost-effective  option if you enjoy the “do it with me” or "do it yourself" options.  


For those of us who don’t want  (or have the time/patience) to get involved in the details of the tech set up, you can hire Tammy to set everything up for you so that you’re up and running quickly and without the usual tech frustrations that can sabotage the implementation of your online course/business.  


Tammy was a tremendous help for me and if you decide to work with her on your tech set up, you will not be disappointed!


Mary Harris

BioTechnical Communications, Inc. 

Office Scene

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